The Last Day Of This Year

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Dec 31, 2019 13:17
Today is the last day of 2019. I appreciate that I don't have a serious problem or ill now.
Considering this year,(今年を振り返ると、) I spent and wasted much money. This is why I was often worried about my budget. However, it was lucky that I could easily find my job and moved to the Philippines. Thanks to it, I could enjoy basketball, working out and brushing up my English skill.
By the way, I got a sleep until noon yesterday and today because I was very tired. I'm not so young that I can't get recovered fully easily. Thinking of it, I feel a little bit sad.
Next year I want to save money because I'll go around Europe and study in Canadian college or University. What's more, I want to grow up some things, example basketball, building up my muscle and English. I feel like I'll have more fun next year than this year.
And I'm going to quit Lang-8 premium plan and I won't write my diaries everyday. I want to focus on reading and speaking English rather than writing. I'm very sorry that some people enjoy my diaries and are looking forward them. Thank you a lot for reading my diaries, but I hope everyone will understand my policy.

Happy new year and have a wonderful day starting next year.