Hiroshima Trip

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Dec 30, 2019 18:18
Yesterday I stayed in Hiroshima to meet my friend. I've not met up with her for about 2 years, but she didn't seem to change at all and looked very fine.
She has her own car, so she took me to some places. Thanks to her, I enjoyed my short trip.
I went to Hiroshima about 4 years ago. This is why I've been to famous places in Hiroshima. However, I could enjoy Hiroshima again, because she was born and grown up in Hiroshima, so she was very familiar with there.
Last time I couldn't eat a very delicious Hiroshima pancake.( Hiroshima's pancake is a little bit different from Osaka's one. If you have a chance to go Japan, I recommend you compare them.) This is why I asked her that I ate a very delicious pancake. She accepted my wish. We could enjoy them together.
I could enjoy other famous foods in Hiroshima except for pancake. I was satisfied with this time trip and I appreciated her a lot.
Taking a trip is very fun for me.