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Jul 8, 2018 08:34
我有两个哥哥。我会拜访他们下个星期.自从我搬到这里,我没有看他们。我上次我拜访他们,三月以前。我的大哥哥住在Michigan. 我们会在那里见面因为它是最方便地方。

I have two older brothers. I will visit them next week. Since I moved here, I have not seen them. The last time I saw them was three months ago. My oldest brother lives in Michigan. We will meet there because it is the most convenient place.

wo you liang ge gege. wo hui baifang tamen xia ge xingqi. zicong wo ban dao zheli, wo meiyou kan tamen. wo shangci wo baifang tamen, san yue yiqian. wo de da ge ge zhu zai michigan. women hui zai nali jianmian yinwei ta shi zui fangbian difang.
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