My Delusion

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Sep 26, 2017 23:22
This is my delusion. I sometimes think myself. Today I wanted to get my ideas in sharp. Please collect my delusion. Thanks a lot for collecting.

I have my body, then I exist in the universe. But if I attempt to prove myself physically, is it possible to do it? You divide my body into pieces over and over again in order to have the evidence. During this process, you can see my cell. You divide my cell into a molecule and a atom again. The atom is composed of an atomic nucleus, a neutron, and an electron, so you can divide again.These elements nucleus is composed an elementary particle which called quark. The last part, you can see a string. I am aggregate of string!? Although, according to physical science, any substance in the universe is composed only the same string in common. To be honest, I cannot prove myself physically. On the other hand, the universe and I are composed the same substance and I'm one of the matter of the universe. I might say that I am the universe. This is my delusion. If I am the universe, that makes me think about why it's important that I need to survive perfectly everyday.