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Sep 26, 2018 10:24
1: The number of leaking of information increased more even though people signed a confidentiality agreement of information.

2: Young people are apt to make light of loyalty.

3: As far as my son's pediatric doctor checked up, my son is cheerful by temperament.

4: We don't aim at our goal with only like-mindedness. We wouldn't alleviate our distress.

5: He pretends to be generosity but he is really temperament.

6: I don't know why but my wife is jealous of my sister's achievement.

7: I feel threatened by my goal that looks impossible.

8: When people look for a partner on SNS, they check a person who has a lot in common.

9: People don't help husbands out when couples put each other down.

10: They will fall out permanently one day.

11: Being close to your partner is that you often need to be patient.

12: I like to be alone but I suddenly want to get on with someone.

13: My wife is violent towards me with words in the presence of my family.

14: My master used to be destructive.

15: Kids had an experience what gut was through competing on something with someone.

16: He seems trustworthy. Although his lips never seal.

17: I'm sleepy because today's my class was about the confidentiality and was dull.

18: My son speaks two language looks like he has two faced.

19: He dissuaded me from check my facebook.

20: He persuaded me not to check my facebook.