First day

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Sep 18, 2017 16:12
Today was first day for my English class in Jakarta. Some people say to me that I may go to the Indonesian school before that because Indonesian language is not complicated and easier than English. I also thought that too. Unfortunately I don't have to focus on Indonesian language even I live in Indonesia. The location of the school is very nice. It's very close to my son's pre school. The schedule is also good because when my son goes to his school by a bus, I can take a bus same time. It's free. I was supposed to pay round-trip fee by taxi. Before starting the English class, 2 white ladies came inside the class room. I was surprised to the scene because I supposed that there were only Indonesians who want to study English. And good part was that these ladies are native French speaker. That's amazing. I also study French. Anyway, there are 2 more Indonesian student in my class.