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Sep 28, 2018 11:58
1: A leader persuaded his co-worker to look up a confidentiality report in which their layer sent.

2: A guy who is in charge of security in my company dissuaded us from listening to a distractive demonstration outside.

3: A bilateral talks between Japan and The US wouldn't progress during underway. Because Japanese prime minster doesn't want to confirm anything with them. Although he has to show his efforts by meeting with US president. It's just a performance. Japanese leader has two faced.

4: A CEO was cuffed by a public prosecutor about sealing his company's deficit.

5: A defendant was putting his wife who is trustworthy down in the court.

6: A robbery competed on the number of robbery with a friend of his.

7: A leader appeared in the presence of a nation and pledged denuclearizing.

8: A treatment alleviated his disease.

9: Young leaders makes light to a reciprocal relationship.

10: Taller guys apt to attract girls.

11: Ministerial-level talks are looming ahead.

12: This year's deficit is twice as much as last year's.

13: Japanese government office will rase tariff on tobacco.

14: We reaffirm bilateral talks with them to reduce our deficit.

15: We need to achieve concessions from others to survive.

16: A defendant and a prosecutor don't want to exchange views before the conclusion.

17: His generosity touched me.

18: Entrepreneurs always feel threatened by failure.