Repaying a Person's Kindness

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Feb 3, 2014 16:22
Last week, my daughter gave me some presents during her birthday party at home. You may ask, "WHAT? Is that a Japanese custom to do such a thing on one's birthday?" To tell you the truth, that was also a surprise to me. She said she did so in order to show her gratitude to me.

Soon after seeing her presents, I immediately said to her, "I rarely use hair accessaries. Would you buy some flowers or food stuff next time?" What's worse, on that day, I said to her "after reading a book, "断捨離," ( I try hard to reduce my possessions. When I buy things, I ask myself many times whether I really like it or not. So please try not to buy things to me. "

Now I think what I said was unkind and harsh. I should have appreciated her favor from the bottom of my heart. My dear daughter, Thank you!!"
先週、私の娘が自宅での彼女の誕生日パーティーの最中に私にプレゼントを渡してくれた。皆さんは、「何でそんな事するの? それは日本の習慣ですか?」って聞くかもしれません。正直、私にとっても驚きでした。彼女は私への感謝を表すためにそのようにしてくれたのです。