At a Rough Estimate

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Feb 14, 2014 21:23
A couple of times a week, I bake a loaf of bread using a bread maker. Thanks to this machine, my family and I can eat various breads made partly with rye flour or whole wheat flour. I measure the right amount of ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, water, and butter, and then put them into the pot. It doesn't take long since I remember each quantity.

The day before yesterday, I was looking for a cooking scale that I always use, but couldn't find it. So I gave up and guessed the weight of all ingredients by eye, even though I wasn't sure whether a bread rises.

When the machine's timer rang, lo and behold, I saw a perfectly well toasted bread, and the aroma of butter spread inside the kitchen. When I cut it, the crust was crispy and its inside was as soft as a marshmallow. (It's a little exaggerated, though.) Through this experience, I thought I can depend on my measurement.