Why Do Japanese Women Like Brand-Name Goods?

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Feb 6, 2014 12:29
When my mother-in-law was still alive, she gave me her Louis Vuitton wallet that she had bought for herself. Actually, I'm not a big fan of such brand items, but I keep using it as a memento.

The other day, while I was in a coffee shop, I saw a woman, who was sitting next to me, carrying a Coach purse. And coincidently, a young lady, who was behind me, also had a similar designed Coach bag. It's true that brand-name products such as wallets or purses are very popular among Japanese women. Those items might be stylish or high in quality or value, but I personally feel disappointed or sad whenever I see many women using them. It seems to me that they are showing off that they are stereotyped and have no individuality in one sense.

I was stunned to know that Japanese people buy 40% of all brand-name goods in the world. We are probably safe thinking this way; Japanese women are main patrons of worldly famous designers.
私の義理の母が健在だった頃、彼女が自分のために買ったルイ ヴィトンの財布を私にくれた。私は、ブランド品が特別好きな訳ではないが、母の形見として今もその財布を使い続けている。