It Drives Me Crazy!

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Mar 28, 2014 22:48
As I mentioned before, I used to teach English with native speakers of English at an English school. Before going to the classroom, my partner teacher and I would talk about a teaching plan, and exchange some information about our students since we taught as a team. For the rest of the time, we also talked about silly things.

A male teacher, who came from Canada, was a very good guy. As far as I remember, he was generous, kind and easygoing. Actually, it wasn't a big deal, but there was one thing that made me irritated. He often said, "CRAZY," as one of his responses.

Here's one example:
Me: "Yesterday, some of my friends and I went to a all-you-can- eat restaurant, and we kept eating and talking for more than two hours!"
He: "crazy!"

Of course, I knew he wasn't saying that I was insane. What he really meant was that I was overly excited or enthusiastic. But, one day, I wasn't able to put up with his saying and said to him, "Your word, "crazy" drove me CRAZY!!

Do you think I overreacted to him?




もちろん、彼が決して私の事を「頭が狂っている」と言っていたのではない事はわかっていました。彼の意味するところは、「ちょっと熱中し過ぎ」ということです。でもある日、その言葉に嫌気がさして、「あなたの "crazy" って言う言葉を聞いてると私まで "crazy” になるよ〜!」と言ってしまいました。