Whether People Get Married or Not is Their Life-Style Choice, But....

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Feb 10, 2014 20:53
Here's the recent Japanese paper's headline; "Japanese Men's Lifetime Non-Marriage Rate Will be approximately 30%, and that of Japanese Women's Will be 25% by 2030."

I sometimes hear my friends saying that they gave up getting married, so the headline didn't surprise me. One of my female friends once said, "If you continued your single life for more than four decades, it would be difficult to get along well with a man in a household." She had a desire to be a bride, but I thought she didn't want to give up an unconventional and carefree life.

Whether people get married or not is their life-style choice, but I want my daughter to have a happy marriage life if she encountered a right person. I'd like to tell her, "You would miss a chance if you lacked the ability to act and courage!"

Here in Japan, there are some parents who get involved in activities leading to their son or daughter's marriage, but that might be a interference that is not asked to.



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