Raking the Snow off the Road

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Feb 17, 2014 23:59
We had a lot of snow on Friday, and the following day the snow lay twenty centimeters deep in Yokohama.

This was the second time to snow heavily this year, so I thought I should clear the snow from the parking lot before the road surface would freeze. The next morning, I heard a weird sound outside. Looking out of the window, 20 or 30 people including small children were already raking the snow off the road. Soon after, I got out of my house with a shovel, and worked for a while with them. It was fun to do a volunteer work in the community.

Later on that day, I walked to the station and I saw many people removing the snow on the street. Thanks to their hard work, I could walk on a black asphalt path safely. I realized Japanese people are very diligent. When you walk on the snow please be careful.