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Aug 4, 2019 00:27 mood
I adopted a mixed-breed stray dog years ago.

Whenever we walked our puppy, there was another stray dog living near our area coming to us.

We would share some of our puppy's dog food with her so she would not be starving for at least one day.

One day, I heard that she was caught by a dog catcher and was in an animal shelter.

According to Taiwanese law, if a stray dog was no adopted within seven days, she would be forcibly euthanized.

Reluctant to see her get euthanized, we decided to adopted her.

Time really flies.

It has been ten years since we adopted her.

We don't know how exactly old she is, but we can feel she is getting older day by day.

My daughter, I hope you can enjoy the rest course of your life well