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Mar 3, 2019 00:02 mood
About 20 years ago, Taiwanese students who wanted to go to universities had to pass a college entrance exam.

They students would be assigned to colleges as per their performance and wishlists.

This system was seriously criticized because it made schools only attach importance to a student's academic performance and resulted in growing cram schools.

So it was changed to diversified system of college admissions, where other talents will also be taken into account.

However, the underlying issue with cramming education is still not solved, and another serious problem occurs.

Students from poor family don't have resource to learn so-called talents, such as language ability, music, art ,programing and stuff.

This new education system makes poverty gap worse, and background may affect a student future forever..

Our former President, Chen, was born in a very poor family, but he studied hard and became an excellent lawyer because college entrance exam was fair.

If he was born today, he might have failed to get accepted by some of best universities.
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