Peony Lantern

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Jun 12, 2019 22:15 story
I want to share a classic Chinese story with you.

Once upon a time, there was an intellectual called "Qiao Sheng" whose wife just died.

At deep night of Lantern festival, he encountered a beautiful girl carrying an umbrella with her young maid.

He was enamored with her beauty and invited her to stay at his house overnight.

Since then, Qiao Sheng became solitary and waited for this girl who only showed up at night every day.

His honest neighbor took a peek at his house through a window and was appalled at what he saw.

Qiao Sheng was hugging a skeleton with rotten skin.

Learning the astonishing truth, Qiao Sheng mounted an investigation into this girl's identification.

Then, he found her tomb with two peonies on it by Huxin lake.

He turned to a priest in fluster.

The priest gave him an amulet with spells inside and advised him not to go to her tomb again.

One month later, Qiao Sheng was stoned and went in the direction towards Huxin lake.

Since then, no one had ever seen Qiao Sheng again.

The priest rallied up some people and opened the girl's tomb.

They found Qiao Sheng's and the girl's bodies.

However, Qiao Sheng appeared to die for a very long time, but the girl looked like she just passed away yesterday.
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