My Mentor

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Jul 16, 2016 22:48 mood
When I was a College freshman, my mentor knew I was from an impoverished family so he treated me very well.

He helped me find some students for me to tutor and fixed me up with some good part-time jobs.

I still remembered that one day, he and his wife invited me and a foreign student to his home.

He treated us to a delicious hot pot and took us to visit a celebrated old street nearby.

I will never forget that day.

After graduating, I paid a visit to my alma mater many times, but I never had an courage to greet my mentor.

It is because I felt ashamed for finding myself a complete failure in life.

Yet I heard that my mentor have some health problems in recent years.

I think it is time to visit them and express my gratitude for what they had done for me.
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