Heavy Rain

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Jul 1, 2019 23:17 mood
In early June, it sometimes abruptly rains a lot in the afternoon, but the rain also stops swiftly.

This rain shower always reminds me of the day when I met her at a fiend's wedding ceremony.

"She is still as beautiful as she was during college years," I told myself.

After the ceremony, she and I were trapped beneath a canopy due to the abrupt heavy rain.

We talked a lot.

I don't like rainy days, but I hoped the rain would never stop at the time.

Days later, I summoned up my courage and invited her to have a launch with me.

She agreed!

We then had a great day and talked a lot about what happened in our college years.

However, I have never seen her since that launch.

I don't believe in God, but, fingers crossed, I hope miracle will happen on me, making me see her again.