An Affair to Remeber

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May 2, 2016 22:49 movie
I love an old move "An Affair to Remember" of 1957 very much.

The storyline is about a man who lived on painting encountered a beautiful women on a cruise, and they loved each other at the first sight.

However, they were both engaged.

Therefore, they determined to break off their engagement separately and meet at the top of Empire State Building six months after the trip.

The man then waited at the place they designated as they decided but the women didn't show up.

He left with depression.

At long last he found out the female lead's whereabout.

He went to her house and was very mean to her.

"Actually, I didn't go there. I didn't take our relationship very seriously" he ironically said.

Strangely, when the male lead was talking to her, she was always sitting in the seat.

Then he found that the female lead's bedroom were full of his art works and she got into a car accident on the promised day.

He felt sad and regret for harming her with such cruel words.

The movie ended up with tears streaming down their faces.