Sima Qian

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Nov 28, 2016 22:29 story
In the Chinese Han dynasty, Emperor Wu sent a general "Lee Lin" with 5,000 soldiers to combat Xiongnu, a country established by nomads in North China.

However, Lee was defeated badly and surrendered rather than committing suicide as a martyr.

Furious Emperor Wu wanted Sima Qian to comment on Lee's performance.

"He must have his reason to betray. Perhaps one day he will stage a comeback to show his allegiance to you." Sima Qian said.

The remark made Emperor Wu bend out of shape, and had him castrated by an executor.

Castration was a stigma to Sima Qian, and he even had considered committing suicide.

However, he was not in despair and devoted himself to writing the most outstanding history book called Shih Chi in China.