Rooster Lays Egg

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Aug 6, 2019 23:14 story
Gan Lo was a smart kid in Chinese Warring States Period.

His grandfather was a prime minister of Qin State, but he incidentally offended the King of Qin.

The king requested his grandfather to give him three eggs laid by roosters in three days or he would kill him.

Gan Lo seen that his grandfather had been in fluster and said he would meet the king on behalf of his grandfather.

Seeing a kid go to meet him, the King of Qin was very furious.

After seeing overbearing king, Gan Lo didn't flinched and said "Your majesty, my grandfather is delivering a baby at home so he couldn't be summoned."

"Are you fooling me? How come a guy gives a birth? " said furious King.

"If man can't give a birth, how can we find a roster that can lay eggs?"

Admired by smart Gan Lo, the king decided not to put his grandfather on spot.