FFVII reMake

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Jun 15, 2019 23:01 mood
It has been more than three years since FFVII remake was announced with much fanfare.

In 2019 E3, the long-waited FFVII trial was published and its launch date is slated to be in early 2020.

Although many players criticized that Square-Enix is a company that rests on their past laurels, FFII reMake still drew the most attention in E3.

In addition, the remake of Trails of Mana 3 is scheduled to launch in early 2020.

I have mixed feeling towards FFVII remake.

I am glad that my dream of playing high-resolution FFVII finally comes true.

However, Square-Enix is still tight-lipped about how many parts this game will come in.

It seems that I still have to wait for a long time to play the real complete FFVII.