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Mar 30, 2009 01:54 feeling
Sometime I could see some mormonism's elders in Keelung, where is the place I resided.

I feel fresh about that as there are fewer chances to see foreigners here.

The way they often greet is saying [How are you doing] or [May I help you] in Chinese to every town folks.

I didn't and don't believe in any religious ,maybe I am sort of Atheism

Yet I admire their courage of preaching in a country strange to them.

Wanting to improve my dictation ability ,I remember that I had attended their meetings several times

I felt sorry about that I have no willing to be part of them

I tried hard to speak in English and vice versa, they as far as spoke in Chinese

I felt shy as they confused what I had said at that time.

Anyway, it's a funny experience!