Overprescription of antipsychotic for children with intellectual disabilities -Article translation 16-

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Dec 13, 2016 17:53
Antipsychotic, the medicine mainly used for schizophrenia treatment, are prescribed for 10% of children with intellectual disabilities. The fact was revealed by the survey by the team including Institute for Health Economics and Policy, using the data of 1.62 million health insurance subscribers.

10% is far higher proportion compared to the result using all population, and half of them are prescribed more than 300 days per year.

The research team warns, "It is presumed that most of them do not have mental illness, and the medicines are prescribed just for suppressing self-injuries or destructive behaviours of these children".

(Mainichi Shimbun 2016.12.4)
 主に統合失調症の治療に使われる抗精神病薬が知的障害児の約1割に処方されていることが、医療経済研究機構などのチームが健康保険組合加入者162万人を対象に行った調査で分かった。人口に対する統合失調症患者の割合よりはるかに高く、うちほぼ半数で年300日分以上も薬が出ていた。チームは「大半は精神疾患がないケースとみられ、知的障害児の自傷行為や物を破壊するなどの行動を抑制するためだけに処方されている可能性が高い」と警鐘を鳴らす (毎日新聞 2016.12.4)。
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