The mass murder in the facility for persons with disabilities in Sagamihara-city -Article translation 13-

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Dec 8, 2016 22:30
"Gentle and kind person", "I cannot believe that he committed a crime", the neighbours told. On 26th July, 19 residents were killed in the facility for persons with intellectual disabilities at Sagamihara-city All the neighbours who know the criminal expressed their surprise.
"It was the crime like a terrorism". This incident shook the calm residential neighbourhood with the horror.
相模原の障害者施設殺傷事件 未明の惨劇に住民震撼

「優しくて親切な人」「事件を起こすようには見えない」。相模原市緑区の知的障害者施設「津久井やまゆり園」で二十六日、入所者十九人が殺害された事件で、殺人未遂などの容疑で逮捕された植松聖容疑者(26)を知る周辺の住民らは一様に信じられない表情を浮かべた。「まるでテロに近い事件だ」。事件は普段静かな住宅地を震撼(しんかん)させた。 (猪飼なつみ、中山高志)