Thinking about the Future of TV CM while Watching a Coca-Cola CM after the Olympic

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Feb 20, 2018 09:24
Just after the broadcasting of 1500 meters of speed skating, in which Ms. Takagi won the silver medal, the commercial time started and a Japanese famous actress (Haruka Ayase) appeared in a CM of Coca-Cola and said, "Wonderful! Conglaturation for the medal!" crapping her hands and referred to the game, "It was so cool to see the smooth skating".

It didn't seem like a live broadcast, but a recorded one.
Of course, it wasn't possible for Coca-Cola to predict the exact result of games, so this CM was selected after the result had come.

 (スピードスケート女子1500メートルで高木美帆選手の銀メダル獲得が放映された直後) 競技の中継が終わってテレビCMに入ったと思ったら、「祝メダル」の文字の後に綾瀬はるかさんが登場し、「すごい!メダルおめでとうございます」と拍手して、「1500メートル、無駄のないなめらかな滑りが格好よかったです」と競技について言及。
(略) 画面を見た感じ放送は生ではなく録画。