Contradiction of the policy and the survey by Japanese ministry of education and science -Article translation 12 (Part2)-

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Dec 8, 2016 22:44
For example, the educational committee of one district in Tokyo published the result of the survey titled below.

"Current situation concerning school children problematic acts in 2015"

First of all, I feel uncomfortable with this title.

In last July, Japanese ministry of education and science published "the final report on support for school children absence from school". In that report, it is stipulated that "absence from school" is just the consequence of various causes and background issues, so it cannot be judged as the "problematic acts".

As shown above, the ministry encouraged not to judge "absence from school" as problematic acts while the survey conducted by the same ministry includes it as one of problematic acts. I feel uncomfortable with this contradiction.
平成27年度 児童・生徒の問題行動等に関する状況について