Silence is rude!!!

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Apr 26, 2009 13:34
Oh, I have to write this journal before I go to the book store. Cuz right now I want to shout it out! I have been silent for a while.

I`ve be here for about 2 months and I really love here, making corrections and comments and talking to others exchanging thoughs. And fortunatly I met some poeple excellent though I` m not sure what kind of jobs they` re doing. We have lots of things to exchange and learn a lot from each others. There is a saying in Chinese-"足不出户而知天下事" , which means you can learn lots of things happening or happened on this planet without going out of your door.

Most of us are nice and friendly. But I also find that after your corrections and encouraging comments, there is no reply!!!!!! Why??? People spent time on helping you with your language studying and left kind-hearted messages, hoping you make progress on their mother languages, but, there is just no answers!!! At least you have to say thank you, right??? What you suppose people to do that you act like that??? Don` t you think it is so rude! Never will they help you again!

This is a community, not just for you to take advantages even without a graceful word!

Please, please show your good manners.