being product-pushed is troublesome

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Dec 8, 2011 22:09
today i walled along the Xintiandi street, a salesgirl asked me to go upstairs finishing some consults and as return, i would be given two books about English study.i thought it was not bad, to be worst,i left with nothing. after finishing some choice question and basic infomation blanks, a man called Geroge showed me around their teaching space which is fit up well awesome environment.
then i was invited to his office when he began to introduce their cource. it was innocuous that i listened his skilled selling words if i got those books.later he said he would test my english level.i responced it was ok. after several simple questions, he drew a conclusion that my oral English was really bad.
well, no big deal, i waited to see what was your next action. he picked out a pricelist, saying that if you want to work in a foreign-owned company you must take their course, quanlity garantee, and writing down a number 51,500yuan on the personal course plan paper. surely the whopping price made me wanna slip away.i said i couldn't accept.however, he iterated it could be paid by instalments and how promising after taking their course and i would enter a foreign-owed company getting high salary... i doubted that if his english is good enough why he sat here selling this boring course acting like a fraud.
also i said price's too high , he unexpectly said i could pay 300yuan as deposit..what? think me idiot, fool to play? after his role of cheater exposed, whatever he said i responced no. no more negotiation when it involved money.
i went out there with two books in hands, i met two guys who shared the same experience and was offered the same cheating price in the lift.
at last, i must speak out the name of the company : wall street english. they'd better go to cheat fat cat instead of innocent work group.