A Lecture for Information

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Jan 30, 2017 21:40
A Lecture for Information

The picture shows the view of the lecture.

I went to my city hall to attend the lecture for information.
The lecture was hold by the city hall, and the title was skill up for people to tell someone information well.
There were about 20 people in the class, and each table had 4 chairs.
The summary was below.

1, If you want someone to read your sentences on your Facebook or leaflet, you should recover interesting items deeply you want to talk about.
2, You assume what type of readers read your sentences.
3, You think what they are interested in.
4, Talk about conclusion and merits for them.


1、 もし、あなたがある人々(ひとびと)にフェイスブックやチラシであなたの文(ぶん)を読(よ)んでもらいたいなら、あなたは話(はな)そうとする事柄(ことがら)で、おもしろく、より深(ふか)く、再発見(さいはっけん)した方(ほう)がいいでしょう。
2、 あなたは自分(じぶん)の文章(ぶんしょう)を読(よ)む読者(どくしゃ)の層(そう)を想定(そうてい)します。
3、 あなたは読者が何(なに)に興味(きょうみ)があるかを考(かん)えます。
4、 結論(けつろん)と読者がメリットなることについて述(の)べます。
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