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Testimonials from My Friends

Yoichi is a gentle and resolute person and also my good teacher☆ His entries are always helpful, funny, and interesting♪ (sometimes a bit difficult for me, though.. Lol) Thanks to his personality, all of his friends are also great and attractive!!! :) You should check his entries and join the conversations in order to enjoy Lang-8 more♫♪ It will be good for your life, too! (;8
Yoichi is an incredible Japanese teacher whose explanation skills are outstanding! I like reading the really interesting and sometimes incredibly funny entries he writes in a very good English and with Japanese sentences which are really helpful for Japanese learners. He's also a great member very friendly and it's always a pleasure to talk with him! (^-^)

First, Yoichi-san is smart. Next, he is delightful person. Above all, he has a tender heart. If you will be one of his friends, you are lucky!
Okay, there's actually a reason why despite knowing him for at least half a year on this site I have yet to write a testimonial on his profile. Let's see, where to begin? He's seriously the total package. He's a great corrector who almost always drops by whenever you write a diary. Even if we make the same dumb mistakes over and over again, he is always patient and doesn't give up on you. If you're like me and engages in the type of Japanese learning that's probably not advisable if you don't want to sound like an anime character, he helps you out anyways. Plus I'm sure he'll teach you anything you need to know, and I mean *everything* (snicker). But not only is he a great teacher, he is also a great friend. He's fun to talk to and chat about all sort of things even if it's not related to language learning. So why haven't I written a testimonial? It's because I wanted him all to myself and didn't want to share him with anybody, that's why!