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Sep 30, 2011 23:52
I had been in Cambodia from 25th Sep. to 29th Sep. for my holiday.
I suporsed the weather wouldn't be so good becouse it was rainy season in Canbodia.
But it was much worse than I expected.
It was because of typhoon came by a few days before I arrived.

On 27th Sep., we went to a suburb of Siem Reap to see some ruins by a wagon car.
On the way for there, we went through rice fields for a long time.
We saw the rice fields was in flood so much.
Our tour guide said, “This year's rice crop was spoiled due to this flood.”
But, I was surprised to see that people in the farm were enjoying the flood.
The tour guide said,
there are many fishes in the pond made from the flood, so people in the farm enjoy fishing with their family.
In fact, I saw there were many people (also children) soaking half body in the pond with nets to catch fishes.

What tough people they are!