Today's my English exercises.

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Jan 23, 2010 00:21 english
I tried to translate sentences about Cambodia.

Cambodia is a country where Japanese might see it strange.
I heard an interesting story.
A Japanese group gave an Cambodian village a farm tractor.
The group member would like to help them because their life was too poor.
Next year, group members visited the village thinking that their life would raise. But they were surprised that the field had gone wild.
"What occurred?" A Japanese asked them.
"Thanks to you,last year we got twice amount of rice than usual. So we decided not to work this year" They answered.
I can imagine that the Japanese member would stand in open-mouthed surprise.
Cambodian never hard work if they can live in the minimum standard of living. It might composure which those who grew up in fertile land without danger of starving to death have.

I don't know much about Cambodia.
The farm tractor was helpful?
I wonder why the Japanese members didn't work with them.
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