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Hello, thanks for visiting!
I am a young adult living in America. My goal here is to practice Japanese so that I can travel to and live in Japan sometime in the future. I would also like to teach English abroad.
Of course, I would also like to help you with English if you want!
I love foreign languages but my other hobbies/interests include drawing, writing, webpage design, meteorology, and more.

I use Skype and MSN a lot. If you want to talk to me on there (by text or by voice) send me a message and I will give you the information.

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そろそろ春になるかな I guess it will be Spring soon

今日、紫のクロカッスを見た。 Today, I saw some purple crocuses. 天気予報によれば、今週の水曜日は雷雨だそうだ。 According to the weather forecast, there will probably be ...
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  • Japanese 
Feb 27, 2012 05:43


母はテニスの練習で日本語を勉強している若い男に会って、私について話した。 My mom met a young man at tennis practice who is studying Japanese and she talked to him about me. ...
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Feb 23, 2012 16:40

単語帳 Flashcards

最近は私は単語帳を使って漢字と単語を習っている。 Lately I've been learning kanji and vocabulary using a set of flashcards. 前に全然知らなかった単語を習ったら、前より自身を持って日本語...
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Feb 18, 2012 16:04 flashcards translation confidence

分かりにくい教科書 Difficult Textbook

日本語を専攻することにしたので、目指している大学の日本語の教科書を勉強している。 I decided I wanted to major in Japanese, so now I'm studying a Japanese textbook that the c...
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  • Japanese 
Jan 30, 2012 17:22

「わかった」を英語にどう翻訳するかの説明 How to translate "wakatta" into English.

(Edited on 01/30/12 thanks to everyone's corrections) 「Understood」は一番直訳に近いでしょう。ちょっと堅苦しくて、この言葉を使って返事すると非情な感じがします。 "Understoo...
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Jan 17, 2012 15:55 japanese translation understood understand
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Thank you very much for your kindness! :D
Thank you very much.Have a nice weekends!
A very kind and helpful person. And she's an expert in European cultures. xD