Tips for Japanese Learners #1

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Mar 19, 2018 11:07 ForJapaneseLearners
I’m always thankful for great corrections and advice from many people, so I’d like to introduce informative tips to Japanese learners in return.

This time, I’ll introduce an expression of “兼ねる(かねる).”

Firstly, this has meanings like a capability and difficulty.
The point you can’t forget is that they contain negative meanings.

(We couldn’t comprehend the issue.)

(I’m terribly sorry, but it’s difficult for me to accept the gift.)

Secondly, you can add negative like “兼ねない(かねない).”
This is double negative and means a possibility.

(If we don’t keep a close eye on that guy, he’s likely to do something stupid.)

(Hurry up, or somebody can witness us.)

Lastly, this also means “double.”

(Learning a language is both fun and beneficial.)

(This PC also functions as TV.)

It sounds cool and knowledgeable if you use these expressions properly.
Try them out if you have a chance to use.