Cities or Countrysides

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Dec 21, 2018 08:37
When thinking about this topic, I realized it’s actually pretty hard for me to answer this cliche question, and that can be also true of many people.

A foreign friend of mine said what we call “田舎” is different from “countryside,” and I think this is true. Supposedly, “田舎” is more of places except big or middle-sized cities. I was born and raised in a rural area, which may be not what I can say it's a countryside. Essentially, we can’t value or compare things unless we experience them. And, many people, at least many Japanese people nowadays, have never lived in a “countryside.” We have a word “上京(jokyo)” (move to a big city, especially Tokyo), but there seems to be no opposite one. The fact is that many people living in a city never knows what countryside is, and I guess they're not so interested in it.

If they're likened them to ourselves, cities are like our brain, and the other areas are like our body. This never means cities are superior parts. Actually, they have interdependence. When I used to live in a relatively big city, I thought my surroundings were everything(this may come from the reason I was younger), as if my brain could control all things. Needless to say, this is a wrong idea. That's because what we eat mainly comes from countrysides, and many things we use in daily life are made from materials in the countrysides. If we always think highly of our brain and downplay our body, we will get sick. I think this can apply to the relationship between cities and countrysides.

Einstein once said our technology already exceeded our humanity. In reality, cities are like a crystallization of our technology. What I want to say is that it may be good for us to be a flirt when it comes to our surroundings.

Thank you for reading.