Homogeneous Complex

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Mar 11, 2018 06:30
When I was surfing the net just now, I came across a controversial topic. Here is the link below.


It seems that “Tomokazu Harimoto”, who is still a 14 years-old table tennis player, defeated “Jun Mizutani” and won the All-Japan championship. It’s definitely a great achievement, but the article says that he didn’t shake hands with Mizutani after he won the game, then Japan Table Tennis Association alerted him to behave politely. Actually, many readers checking that article are criticizing him. This might sound reasonable, but the situation seems terrible to me. I’ve seen the live video, and found out that he first rushed to his father to hug each other with joy, then he did shake hands with Mizutani soon after that. What a prejudiced article and short-tempered reactions. If we make an argument, we have to focus on what manners in sports should be. He’s also criticized that he’s too loud by shouting when he gets a point. It seems like many Japanese people take it as annoying. I used to belong to a table tennis club when I was in school, and I personally think that revving himself up by shouting doesn’t matter, it’s common in table tennis as a positive attitude. Japanese people prefer “儀”, manners, and “和”, harmony with people, but, we go to extremes sometimes. I mean, we Japanese shut out what’s unfamiliar to us. It can apply to this situation. Worst of all, some readers say they don’t really like him because his parents are Chinese, so he’s not Japanese despite the fact that he has Japanese nationality. What a nasty homogeneous society. Occasionally we see some news of overseas disastrous accidents. What we concern first is if the accident involves in Japanese people same with us. Many Japanese people even feel relief if they hear that there are no Japanese victims. It’s our society.

Japan is an island nation, actually it has been enriching our unique culture and virtues. We should be proud of it. Meanwhile, we should know it’s a shortcoming sometimes. Our world is changing rapidly, nevertheless, the Japanese cabinet keeps having a discussion endlessly about whether or not mere documents exists. We Japanese really like our homogeneous and small world. I hate myself sometimes because I was born as Japanese. I know it’s a wrong idea. Today is 3/11, there are still a lot of arguments of what we should be. What I can say is our world is complicated enough to get us wrong.



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