How to Acquire a Foreign Language #3 Breakthrough

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Mar 30, 2018 11:18
I’ve explained a comprehensive theory which I understood from some articles and interpreted until now. But I need to research much harder on each of theories. I might consider and write again, so please be aware that this is just my assumption.

I referred to Edison’s statement, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” There are some interpretations, but I think that inspiration can possibly happen to all of people, not only for geniuses, and it just depends on how big or small it is. I think that the important thing is that you need a lot of perspiration, which a key to inspiration, which leads to ゲシュタルト転換. Supposedly, Edison never got his inspiration without a lot of perspiration. In other words, He is known as the greatest inventor because he tried a number of things in different ways, that is, he experienced a lot of ゲシュタルト転換.

Finally I’ve come to what I really wanted to say. Take a look at the thumbnail above. This is called ”Curve of Growth.” Have you ever experienced that you can’t feel your learning language is improving for a long time? I think many people tend to think their effort will pay off little by little, but there’s a difference between the ideal and the reality. As the graph shows, once you’re stuck in a plateau, it could be hard to get out of there. But, without knowing, you could improve your learning language dramatically. It’s called “breakthrough.” Apparently it’s pending how breakthrough happens, but some say that inspiration, aha experience, is related to it. This could mean that if you hit a brick wall but don’t give up and keep studying, that is, keep doing a lot of ゲシュタルト転換, you could experience a breakthrough and shift to a next stage. I think this decides on how level you are, intermediate, advanced, or expert.

I experienced this. For Japanese, one of the biggest obstacle to acquire English is listening, because that voice system is totally different from Japanese. At first, I didn’t understand spoken English at all, I felt as if it was a foreign language(literally). But, I kept approaching English in different ways, after that, without knowing it, I was getting better at listening English dramatically unless it’s an unfamiliar collocation. It could mean that I experienced a breakthrough about listening.

The summary is that one of the most important things to acquire a foreign language is that even if it’s difficult for you to feel your improvement, you shouldn’t give up and keep trying in different ways. If we can, a whole new world will be waiting for us.

Thank you for reading my entry.
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