Tips for Japanese Learners #3

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Mar 23, 2018 13:06 ForJapaneseLearners
If you want to tell your foreign friends popular and famous places in your country, how do you explain them? In that case, we Japanese have a unique method. When we talk about them, we sometimes refer to “日本三大〇〇.” It means something like “The big three xxx in Japan.” You know, it sounds impressive, and once you’ve heard it, you feel like sharing it with others. We also say “世界三大〇〇” (The big three xxx in the world). In fact, there’s no prestigious association for it, and they’re controversial sometimes, but here are what we hear very often. It can not be places.

(The big three festivals in Japan: “Gion Festival in Kyoto”, “Tenjin Festival in Osaka”, “Kanda Festival in Tokyo”)

(The big three secret spots in Japan: “Shirakawa-go in Gifu”, “Iya in Tokushima”, “Shiiba village in Miyazaki)

(The big three udon in Japan: “Sanuki udon”, “Inaniwa udon”, “Goshima udon”)

(The big three food delicacies in the world: “Caviar”, “Foie gras”, “Truffle”)

(The big three rivers in the world: “The Amazon River”, “Nile”, “The Mississippi River”)

(The big three night views in the world: “Naples”, “Hong Kong”, “Hakodate”)

(The big three white elephants: “Pyramid”, “Chinese Wall”, “The battleship YAMATO”)

私的三大気まずい瞬間 (The big three moments I’m personally embarrassed)
(After I say good-bye to a person elegantly and nicely, we go to the same route.)
(My supervisor comes in the place where I do number two and get out of there.)
(Though I smugly introduce a Japanese custom, it’s quite common in the world.)

If you can introduce things like these, I bet many people find it interesting. It’s also fun to come up with something by yourself. Do you have something about the big three things?