A Horror Story Behind It

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Mar 25, 2018 11:16
Do you like horror things? As for me, I’ll say “No horrors.” The other day, a mischievous friend of mine forced me to play the game called “Five nights at Freddy’s.” After playing it, I came to a conclusion that I shouldn’t play or watch thingy in which surveillance cameras and dolls appear. This might sound like an excuse, but I don’t care about horrible things. I really hate things which surprise me. In Japan, when someone surprises you, it’s common to say “That shortened my life!” Avoiding horrors is our way to survive long. So, the reason why I’m weak in horrors sounds reasonable, isn’t it? Meanwhile, horror things can be a diversion. I think it’s a good method to watch horror films when you feel down and want to cheer you up. (By the way, my best film for encouragement is “Apocalypse Now.”) Anyway, as you know, the most horror thing is human, ourselves.

I went off the rails, but here is the main topic. There are interesting tales called “A horror story behind it”, and I really like it. I guess you don’t know what the plot means at first, but once you know it, you will be given a start. I picked up my favorite, plus, I made it up to sound more complicated and interesting. I’ll give you the truth as my comment later. I want you to think what the story means.


Tomorrow is my 20th birthday. I’ll be an adult finally. I reserved seats at a nice beer garden, so I’m looking forward to enjoying beers with my friends there.

Today, I enjoyed singing karaoke with them till late, and I’m on my way home by train. I’m tired and half asleep. Then, I saw an odd man come into my train car. Soon after that, he said to a lady next to him, “You’re 26 years old, isn’t it?” And she replied, “That’s right. How come do you know it?” But, he ignored her and asked another person again. He said to the old man, “You’re 53 years old, right?” The man said, “It’s certainly true, so what?” But he ignored again. He kept asking the people on the train. Apparently, he was trying to guess how old they are. I couldn’t believe him. Surprisingly, his suppositions were pretty accurate and never failed. Finally, he came in front of me. He asked, “Are you 19 years old?” I checked my wristwatch, then, I tried to make fun of him and said, “I’m 20.” After I replied, He looked so upset. I felt sorry for him because he looked unsettled, so I said again, “Just kidding, but, I’m about to be 20 years old in a few minutes. Soon after I corrected my statement, he turned pale and started shouting loud and ran into the next train car. What a weirdo. I feel ill now. Well, I’ll forget it. Once I go back to my home, I’ll go to bed soon. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow coming.

Thank you for reading my entry.