What Does XR Mean?

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Apr 25, 2018 10:52
Today, we happen to see new words coined by technology, but I bet many of you haven’t heard of the word “XR.” Apparently, XR is a catch-all word that mainly contains optical technology. It seems like the latest definition and could change in the future. At the same time, I think XR will have been prevalent all over the world. That’s why I’d like to share with you the incredibly brand-new world.

VR(Virtual Reality)

I bet many of you have heard of the word. Literally, this is a virtual reality that is an artificial environment created by computer. You can feel as if you’re in the virtual space. At the present stage, they’re mainly provided by HDR(Head-Mounted Display). There are popular HDRs like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. But, here is a video that you experience without them(you can change your point of view with the upper left controller)

AR(Augmented Reality)

This is also being prevalent now. This is an reality augmented by digital information. VR is based on virtual space, while AR is based on real space. PokemonGO that caught on big before is AR. Some ARs are already available with your smartphone. If you have Android OS, here is “Just a Line” created by Google.

MR(Mixed Reality)

Apparently, the definition of MR is ambiguous, but it’s a space that interferes with both virtual and reality. This seems like a world where we see in science fiction movies. It seems that MR includes AR, and it’s just in the planning stage, but I think MR will provide us with a whole-new communication. Here is a conceptual video.

Apparently, there are other XR like SR(Substitutional Reality). We rarely experience these technology so far unless we try to reach them out intentionally. But, I think XR will be prevalent gradually in our daily life. XR seems like an innovative and promising world that provides us with an new entertainment and concept of business. At the same time, if XR gets popular and becomes common, the future will demand information literacy of people more than ever. We will have a day when we’re criticized by saying “Don’t you use XR properly?” like “Don’t you read and write properly?”

Thank you for reading my entry.