While it was raining in Belgrade and I was sitting under the roof o...

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Sep 6, 2017 00:02 #impbased #mariapetrova
While it was raining in Belgrade and I was sitting under the roof of the hostel, it was time to write the first words about this city.

According to his appearance, Belgrade could have been a Russian city. Seriously it would match.
The odd taxi drivers at the airport, just as persistent as in Moscow, the same small money exchange points in the city center (called "menjačnica" in Serbian), stockings sale in the underpasses. Everything is familiar and psychologically understandable.
Orthodox churches, green streets and birches on the banks of the Danube. And the flowering linden.

By the way, the embankment is filled with fishermen.
As someone who spent most of his life in Saint Petersburg, I am not surprised by the city fishing. Well, it's like that taking a can with the worms, slipping into old jogging pants, and taking a good place on the English Quay, right next to some consulate.
Here this is slightly different: there are not just dudes in jogging pants with the spinnings, but also ladies in high heels, young men in suits and even children. So.

And apart from the stockings and taxis: Belgrade looks like a city with beautiful, tall, smiling people, cozy cafes, bakeries, small shops and flowering linden.

Very lively, loud and very quiet at the same time. And quite diverse (c).