Yesterday I arrived in Budapest.

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Jul 22, 2017 05:28 #impbased #mariapetrova
Yesterday I arrived in Budapest.

I'll stay here till the end of the week. I live with two Polish guys, Emil and Damian, a Hungarian Gabor and Robert, whose nationality is unknown to me.
The four of them rent the apartment. On Saturday, we plan to explore the local wine region together. I would call it a "sommelier tour".

The apartment, by the way, has the strangest construction of all I have ever seen. It occupies one and a half floors, the entrance to the bathroom is through the kitchen, where there are a few separate sinks, as if the water pipes are laid out everywhere.

The Budapest bus station was markedly renewed in the last year, even if that is still no the place where you feel particularly comfortable.
At the same metro station, there is a stadium, which was built last year.

By the way, cheap Hungarian international buses stop directly at the stadium, and not at the bus station itself, so it is important to check before, where the bus leaves exactly, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

I also discovered a swing in the park today. I rocked like a king without touching the asphalt with my feet (c).