"Now imagine what our parents would have said if someone had t...

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Sep 2, 2017 21:46 #impbased #mariapetrova
"Now imagine what our parents would have said if someone had told them about 30-40 years ago where and with whom each of us would spend this night."

It is 5:40, a bridge over the Danube that connects New Belgrade and Old Belgrade. The outskirts of the city, behind the bridge begin the suburbs.

There are four of us: two Israelis, an American girl from Michigan and me. We were in one of the bars in the New Belgrade and now are on the way back practically through the whole city.
The three fly away in the morning: the boys to London, the girl to Athens.
In Belgrade they are for a few hours, a long stopover at the airport and it has turned out that they have checked in at the hostel, where I also stayed.

We came into the conversation. Totally easy, as is usually the case in the hostels and then went out together. We talked about everything: religion, politics and what is reported in the news. But not only. We talked about family, friends, humor, food, weather, education, work, parties and what kind of winter there is in everyone's hometown.

And at some moment what being told in the news was suddenly no longer interesting. Because we have stopped classifying each other according to our passports and looking for differences. Either way, there is at least one thing that unites all of us. Because people are people and actually we all believe in one and love the same things.

And as soon as this common ground is discovered, everything becomes much easier, friendly, amusing and comprehensible. This is the first step to become friends.
And the nights in cheap hostels are good for it (c).