If I were to summarize the Russian mentality in one sentence, I wou...

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Jul 28, 2017 05:42 #impbased #mariapetrova
If I were to summarize the Russian mentality in one sentence, I would say this: There is a long queue, but only five of the twenty counters have opened.

You know, it is like this. At any place. At the airport, in the banks, supermarkets, fast food chains or museum coaches.

I think these counters reflect the whole psychology of our people.

Firstly, it is absolutely amazingly illogical. I mean, why only five work when there are twenty of them. Or the other way to build twenty, if there is not enough resources to occupy them all. It is just as illogical as a display board that tells you how many minutes the previous subway has left, or an ice street selling point that remains open all year round. In Russia there are not many things based on logic. But mainly on savvy, spirit and the power of tradition. We do not have the habit of getting things to the bottom, but we are satisfied with what we have.

Second, there is always a spark of hope for a better future in these darned counters. When you are stand in line, you are hoping that a miracle will happen, they will all be opened, and you will not have to waste your time. If you are the one responsible for the counters, you think that one day you will have enough staff and budget to open them all.

Also, we hope that after a certain time, everything will be easier and will work out by itself. No one knows when and no one knows what to do, but surely.

Thirdly, we have a titanic cold-bloodedness and endurance. Well, we're standing in line. Well, it is not quite clear why. Well, it's annoying. But there's nothing to be done, we will withstand.

All things that are difficult to explain are fully understandable when you have grown up among them. And I will have a bit of lack of this tangibility somehow.

I went back to Ljubljana (c).