I'm writing this for the first time in a while and even haven&...

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Jun 21, 2014 02:17
I'm writing this for the first time in a while and even haven't corrected any article of my friends here at all. So I'm a bit worrying if anyone's gonna correct this…

Anyway, today's topic is gonna be a tip for drivers that I had come up with when I was a truck driver. What do you think is the most factor that causes disastrous car accidents? I bet that might be somnolence which could be an angel when you are in your bed, however, that sweet angel easily turns into an evil whenever you're driving a car. Can you come up with any solution for it? I guess you would say chewing some gum will do. Regrettably, it is no use. I have an experience that I had lost my conscious and the leftside mirror of my company's truck while I was chewing a gum (not to mention I got reprimanded for it). Then what is the best way to prevent sleepiness.

Just hold your breath as long as you can. How could you sleep without supplying oxygen to your brain.

Cut oxygen→Brain begins to suffer→Clear thought comes back=Safe ;-)

Give it a try if there is a chance to get sleepy when you are behind the wheel.