This is why Japanese looks humiliated when English speakers speak to them.

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Jul 16, 2014 01:46
I'd like to mention a very reason why we Japanese look humiliated (or awkward) when we have an occasion to have a conversation with English speakers.

I'm sure this is the very reason: we've been taught English at least for six more years due to the compulsory education which didn't work because of textbooks we got as well as teachers who can't speak English at all. Ahem…in a nutshell, we think we are supposed to be able to speak English but we can't do well, so we are ashamed of it. Actually we can slightly understand what you're talking about if only you speak slow enough to, however listening and speaking are different matter(for us).

So I strongly recommend you, if you want us to understand what you're gonna want to say, write it down a paper and show us. I don't know why it works but in some way we seem to be well versed at reading, i guess.

oops, I almost forgot that we suck at pronunciation of English, you know what I mean…
Awful accent!

Thank you for reading.
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