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May 8, 2015 00:05
Today, I am going to talk about my English practicing. I am not doing that much in writing and spoken English. I am also reading some good books.
For writing I mostly write on here. And for my spoken English I listen to radio and watch Hollywood movies.
I feel really conscious about my English sometimes. My brother often jeering at me that It has been three years that I am learning English and I am still not perfect.
I always wonder about my English skills and ask natives about my "Writing" and "Spoken English".
Sometimes, I bother them but this is how I am.
I often ask them how much numbers they should give me for my English skills.
And they say that they are not a teacher.
I still feel that I need so much improvement. I still make so many mistakes. I worry about them. I want to be perfect. I want to be fluent. Natives advice me to come to any English native country. I can't afford that. But that doesn't mean that I should
stop learning.
I will be fluent one day. I know I can. I have some friends who help me. I mostly chat with them instead of learning. Hihi..Silly me! :D
I really need someone who can voice chat to me everyday. At least one hour.
I have learn two things in my life. One, "Never give up" and second, "always work hard never worry about the result". ;-)