Diary 2017/12/3

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Dec 4, 2017 16:54 diary son holiday おでかけ
We went to the NHK Studio Park in Shibuya.
We went out by car ordinarily, but today we selected a train.
I don't know why, but my elder son doesn't like going out by train. So, at first, he said that he doesn't want to go. However, he looked very happy when he arrived there.

The NHK Studio Park is a theme park of various NHK contents. My sons like the channel E-tele which has many kids programs. There were some monitors with touch panel, and the quiz about E-tele contents were made questions for. My sons tried some quiz about animation, Nintama Rantaro and Ojarumaru. They could answer all of the question!

There was a machine that displayed the animal which resembled his/her face when someone let a camera recognize a face. My husband was a koala, elder son was a dolphin, younger son was a white bear and I was a jackal!

We tried a dubbing of the animated cartoon, too. We could select some animation, Nintama Rantaro, Kyoukai no Rin-ne, Washimo and Ojarumaru. We selected Washimo and Ojyarumaru. The elder son could read the script, but it was a little difficult to younger son. He couldn't read the script so fast. But it was an enjoyable attraction.

We bought some goods at the shop near the exit. My younger son selected socks. It is the socks of the design of the Crowe card of "The Card Capture Sakura". Sakura is one of my son's favorite animation.




アニメの吹き替えにも挑戦しました。忍たま乱太郎、境界のりんね、わしも、おじゃる丸などから選べました。わしも と おじゃる丸を選びました。上の子は、セリフを読めましたが、下の子には少し難しかったみたい。そんなに早くは読めませんでした。でも、楽しいアトラクションでした。