Diary 2017/11/24

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Nov 29, 2017 17:51 diary son holiday おでかけ
Because my son's elementary school was holiday, I took paid holiday and went out with family.
We went to the Fuji Safari Park. It took about 2 hours by car. We arrived there before opening time.

At first, we rented a navigation car, by which we can run the special course, addition to the normal course. On the special course, we could look lions and tigers more close, and feed giraffe and llama. The tongue of giraffe was long and black.

At lunch, we ate Mt.Fuji curry. The rice was formed like mountain and the curry was put around the rice. The curry was not over the top of the rice and it remained white.The white rice was like a snow falling on the Mt.Fuji.

After lunch, my two sons got on a pony. They like to get on a pony. Whenever they have a chance to get on a pony, they always try. They looked very happy!

We enjoyed a holiday!




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